"Look there! the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world"
John :29


The Sacred Heart Mission Community Plymouth is a group of Churches - St John's, St Mary's and St Simon's.

These Churches are where the Catholic Faith is taught and where the Sacraments of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church are administered, according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England, The Churches are under the Episcopal care of the Bishop of Ebbsfleet.

If you are seeking a church that still worships in the Anglo-Catholic tradition then one of the beautiful churches of the Sacred Heart Mission Community will provide.it.


Please take a look around the website so you can acquaint yourself with the Mission Community.

You will find information about what we do, pages dedicated to each of our Churches, the times of services, location, information and contact details for each of our Churches. We also provide information about social and Church related events.





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Services are held in St John's and St Mary's each Sunday.

Services are also held throughout the week, please see the 'Services'heading for details.


Any alteration to service times or location of services will be announced in 'The Society Leaflet'  and on our website.


Our Mission


The first duty of Christians is to express our love of the Lord our God with all our heart and soul and strength and mind; and to love our neighbour as ourselves. This we call Service, and it begins on the first day of the week with our worship.

The Eucharist is celebrated every Sunday at times listed. Additionally, there are weekday Eucharists at each of the Churches.


Weddings and other Celebrations


Our churches offer a traditional setting for your most sacred celebrations.

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Sacred Heart Mission Community


Safeguarding Statement:


If you have a concern about the safety of someone or the actions of someone working with children or vulnerable adults, please speak to one of our Safeguarding Representatives David Steer and Lorna Bartlett (contact via the church office – details below).

Here’s a link to the Diocesan Safeguarding Team’s contact details:  https://exeter.anglican.org/resources/safeguarding/safeguarding-team/    

If you are a young person and you feel unhappy about something happening to you, you can call Childline on 0800 11 11.

Parish Church of St John, Exeter Street, Plymouth PL4 0HQ   Tel: 01752 664191 email: churchofstjohn1@btconnect.com

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